Hi! I’m Meghan (that’s me above, of course).

I’m 24 years old and the South has marked every part of my life. I live in Metro Atlanta, went to college in the mountains of western North Carolina, grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and spent summers in the little, Low Country town of Beaufort, alongside a tidewater marsh.

Once upon a time, I was a reporter at a small-town newspaper. Now, I work in government/education public relations, and that’s a much better fit for me. My career’s extremely important to me, and I tend to talk about it a lot.

My best friends and I are split between three cities and three long drives. They’re one of the most important parts of my life — second only to my loud, crazy, rambling family, two brothers, two parents and a zillion cousins who love me unconditionally and are the biggest blessing of my life.

You’ll see my faith show up often here, because it’s one of the most inescapable, bone-deep parts of me. I’m a million miles from what I should be and sometimes (all the time), I feel like I don’t understand God at all. And I am deeply, deeply grateful for His quiet and constant presence in my life.

I’m also a brain tumor survivor and I am so, so happy to still be here. Every day’s an extra.


What do you think?

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