Five days into February…I finally have some goals for 2015. I’m so glad I waited. I think these are good goals that will guide my year (and my  monthly goals) in the right way. That said though, God’s will be done :)

Here’s what I want to accomplish, on the macro level, in 2015:



I want to take careful care of my finances and keep a close watch on my spending. I want to pay down my student loans, pay off my credit card debt, and get serious about building my savings. I want to make intentional purchases rather than impulsive ones.

Likewise, I want to be intentional about the way I spend my time. I’m pretty good about planning out my days during the week, but I want to plan out my weekends and free time as well — even if the “plan” is to relax on the couch.


I want to take care of myself. I want to be a lunch packer, a dinner maker, a runner and walker and stair climber. I want to join a gym. I want to think about the nutritional quality of what I’m eating. I want to allow myself a cheat day :) I want to drink water. I want to get serious about feeling better & being better.


I want to make purposeful decisions & purchases for my home. I want to soak up the first SECOND year I’ve had in a home in seven years :) I want to do more DIY projects. I want to buy more tools?! I want to go through each room, and each corner, and decide what it needs. I want to actually welcome people into my apartment — into a clean, inviting home with something good in the oven (gulp).


I want to be a servant. I want to give of my time & money & talents & resources. I want to be good to people, instead of talking behind their backs, looking for my own advantage, and laughing at their expense. I want to make time with Jesus a constant priority. I want to dive deeper into both prayer & serious study of the Word. I want to want what He wants.


I want to engage with people. Not just on the surface, but in a real way, a way that builds relationships . I want to intentionally take baby steps, to push myself just a little, enough to still soothe my introversion while making genuine connections.