A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. If you want to borrow a list, mine is here.

Reading A Ring of Endless Light, for the millionth time, and Enough by Will Davis Jr. In the mornings, I’m reading the She Reads Truth Hosea study and the book of Genesis.

Watching Parks & Rec reruns, mostly. Also a few shameful Teen Mom 2 marathons.

Trying to improve my work ethic, at actual work and in life.

Eating nothing, but preparing to eat a pizza I ordered at 10 p.m. #college except I’m not in college and this isn’t actually acceptable. I forgot to make dinner, y’all!

Pinning stuff for work, mostly, and jewelry and apartment ideas.

Tweeting all day err’day for work. Other than that, about work/education, news back in the mountains, lyrics apropos of nothing (always) and the spider on my ceiling. Her name is Charlotte and she is so scary.

Going to Asheville this weekend.

Loving most everything. Teaching Sunday School. Work. My apartment. Newfound courage. Atlanta, so much.

Discovering the crucial combination of pushing myself and thinking through the consequences beforehand.

Enjoying rare times of relaxation, sweet cool weather, and chocolate-cherry ice cream bars.

Thinking about the co-existing facts that I had a terrible day and life is so good.

Feeling good, overall. Tired. My head still stings a little, which seems bizarre.

Hoping for good news ahead and grace to relax into God’s provision and plan.

Listening to John Piper podcasts and Avett Brothers favorites.

Thanking God for being faithful to the ages…to Noah, to the Israelites, and to me.


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