Mostly, in the last few weeks, I’ve devoured library books. 

If you like YA, you should absolutely read Let it Snow.Screenshot7 Then I reminisced on what was possibly the best day ever: Junior year of college, snowed in hip-deep and stuck in the dorm with two of my best friends. We rolled around in the freezing, freezing cold, then ate piles of pizza in our pajamas and watched terrible movies rented from the library. College. Screenshot6

I’m finally feeling better, so I’ve been able to start enjoying Atlanta again.

Here’re some unbelievable tacos from Tin Lizzie’s, which I eat way too often. (If you’re interested: fried chicken, honey chipotle sauce & lettuce; barbecue chicken & slaw; barbecue chicken, fried pickles, & goat cheese.) 
Screenshot5I finally found a Coke with my name on it and I am really, really susceptible to advertising, so…

Also, it was delicious.

Screenshot8I spent a Saturday picking through stores in Old Norcross. It’s the cutest little area and I’m really glad I stumbled into living there.
Screenshot10I kept up with my 101 in 1001 goal to visit 10 non-Starbucks coffee shops. Here’s 45 South (I had a caramel latte):  
Screenshot9 And the adorable Sip, in Lindbergh Center (turkey bacon BLT + peach smoothie): Screenshot4I saw the reflection of a heart-shaped cloud and may or may not have stood on a bench to get the best angle. Fortunately, I was obviously not the only person taking pictures.
Screenshot3 I soaked up the view from my office. Somehow, second to mountains, these concrete views are my favorite thing in the world.ScreenshotThen my mom came for the weekend and brought the sweetest dog in the whole world. This is my family’s chihuahua/shi tsu mix, Sadie. My dad/brothers/family friends would tell you she is “mean,” but if you’re me, my mom, or my cousin Denise…she’s the sweetest dog in the whole world.

And, in general terms, is there anything better in the world than a bad dog? 

My personal answer is no.