I’m loving something everyone else probably already has, because I heard a ton about this before I bought it: the Bath & Body Works mahogany teakwood candle. This smells like Abercrombie, but only when it’s burning. Don’t let the smell throw you off in the store. (Yes, I want my apartment to smell like Abercrombie.)iPhone8 027I’m loving this teeny-tiny “M” ring, which is mine because Charming Charlie’s was having a buy three, get three free sale and I have no self control.Screenshot_17I’m loving this little tray I made (which, full disclosure, only happened because I didn’t check the size when I ordered it on Amazon…this was supposed to be for my coffee table). 
Screenshot_1 Some turquoise paint and black-and-white washi tape later, and it’s gathering all the little hair things that used to clutter my (very small) bathroom counter. Love.iPhone8 029I’m loving the Lorac Pocket Pro palette, although when you look at the pictures below you should ignore the fact that I obviously need to dust my desk. The shadows are so pretty and high-quality and it’s nice to have some neutrals I can just throw in my bag. I’ve used the Espresso shade I think once, as liner, but the other two are worth the super low price.
iPhone8 032 iPhone8 031 I’m loving that I finally found a way to keep my monthly goals in front of me, so they actually have a chance of getting completed. I used to keep my grocery list here, but I got a small dry-erase board for that and stuck it on the side of the fridge. Also, if you haven’t tried writing on your fridge in dry-erase marker, you haven’t lived. It comes off beautifully with Windex, I promise!iPhone8 028And finally, I’m loving this teeny bird votive holder that I got in my favorite guilty pleasure shopping spot…aka the clearance section at Cracker Barrel. iPhone8 030