July was a rough month and a beautiful month all at the same time. Some of the rough stuff is probably still ahead for August, but I think the pieces are going to start falling back into place. I know I can look forward to feeling better and stronger and more like myself, and I know God will move.

Here’s what I want to work on this month:


I want to make sure to put something aside from every paycheck this month — even if it’s just $10. Savings = security.

A few health-related things…

I want to drink eight glasses of water a day, eat dinner at home at least five nights per week, and bring my lunch to work every day.

I also want to take at least one walk a week — which sounds like a really lame, no-teeth exercise goal, but it’s the most I want to commit to while I’m recovering from surgery.

Take a day trip to the mountains

Not Boone, unfortunately. I just want to make it up to Dahlonega or Blue Ridge because this heart needs some mountain air + views, and soon.

Keep blogging every day

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve finally been making good on my 101 in 1,001 goal to blog once a day. That’ll probably be harder to do once I’m back in the office full-time, but I’m hoping I have enough momentum to keep going.

Happy August, y’all.