I haven’t finished up as much of my 101 in 1,001 list as I would’ve liked, but I haven’t dropped it, and we’ll call that a success. My focus was on breaking myself out of my comfort zone in little ways, and I think it’s working. Here’s an update on the things I’ve crossed off my list: 

All done: 

Goal: Take a day trip to Athens. This one was actually for work, but I was able to stay long enough to walk around the UGA campus, do some shopping downtown and grab a meal at the delicious Last Resort Grill.


Goal: Visit five towns in Georgia. I made it to St. Simon’s, Macon, Swainsboro, Greensboro, Rome, and a few more — sometimes in a work capacity and sometimes not. If you’re a Georgian, where should I go next?

Goal: Invest in a new comforter and new sheets. Thick, white, faux-down comforter and coral sheets. I’m in love.

Goal: Hang up outlines of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia in my home. My best friend hand-designed these for me and I love them. I ended up hanging them in my office, close enough — but I think that’s close enough to count as a completed goal.


Goal: Send three small online giftcards to friends/family members. My brother and best friend got Starbucks gift cards during exam week, and my parents both got gift cards to their favorite stores. This might be my favorite thing on the list so far. It’s nice to do something unexpected for people you love.

Partially complete:

Goal: Go to 10 restaurants I’ve never been to before. I’ve had barbecue, sandwiches, and breakfast in Norcross; pizza in Buckhead; seafood in Savannah; fried green tomatoes in Athens and tacos at the Perimeter. Just need to make it to three more.

Goal: Go to ten local coffee shops: Have only made it to one, Espressos in Alpharetta, which I really liked.


Goal: Visit ten local bookstores. I’ve made it to one of these too, Read it Again. Pricy for a used bookstore, but great atmosphere and selection. I got The Lovely Bones and Finding Superman, both of which were good.

Goal: Take five trips to visit people. I made it to Boone for Hannah‘s graduation and Columbia for Morgan‘s. Three more to go, who wants a visitor? :)

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Goal: Go to a Braves game and a Falcons game. I’ve been to a bunch of Braves games, but knew going to one while living in the city would be a different experience. I made it to a shutout game with my family a few months ago. I’m sure I’ll get my brother up here to go to a Falcons game with me in the fall.


I’ll post another update in a couple of months. I would definitely recommend making a 101 in 1,001 list if you haven’t already…it’s a fun way to push yourself and add some variety to your days.