Grateful for my train ride to & from work. I don’t mind having a long commute when it means I get to start and end every day with a book. I’m going through one or two a week, which I’ve never done with a full-time job before.

Grateful that my best friends and I fight. Things don’t go unsaid or unnoticed or shoved down below the surface. They get resolved.

Grateful that I have my own office. It is all kinds of amazing how much more productive I can be with four solid walls around me. It is such a good feeling to have my own space.

Grateful for the feeling of making a home. It’s nothing fancy, but I love the little details of my new apartment and I love making any new space my own. I love the way every hand-me-down painting, handful of fresh flowers and bent-edged photo on the fridge contributes to that here-I-am-I’m-home sigh at the end of the day.

Grateful for independence. Like everyone else, there are things I like about myself and things I don’t like, but I like that I’m not scared to go somewhere not knowing a soul. It’s led to the best adventures of my life.

Grateful for these beautiful views. And for an office on the 20th floor and for brick and concrete and sidewalk and steel. I miss the mountains but I love seeing all of this yawning around me, too.

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