Start: March 23, 2014

End: December 16, 2016


Go to 10 restaurants I’ve never been to before (10/10: JR’s Loghouse, Corner Bakery Cafe, Flying Biscuit, Buckhead Pizza, River House, Last Resort Grill, Tin Lizzie’s, CB’s, Thai Spice, and a barbecue place I don’t remember the name of but I swear I definitely went)

And 10 Atlanta-area coffee shops, Starbucks doesn’t count (5/10: Espressos, Octane, 45 South, Sip, Coffee Bianco)

And 5 Atlanta-area bookstores (2/5: Read it Again, Book Warehouse)

Take a day trip to Athens

Take trips to visit 5 people (5/5): Boone for Hannah’s graduation, Columbia for Morgan’s graduation, Charleston for Jared’s wedding, Brevard to visit Hannah, Lake James with the girls

Do five tourist-y activities in Atlanta (3/5): Varsity, Braves game, aquarium

Have a picnic in the park

Go to the library on a Saturday. Pick a book. Sit down and read the whole thing.

Put aside $50+ a month for six months, then go on a shopping spree

Go to four states I’ve never been to before (0/4)

Take a staycation in Atlanta

Eat at the Sun Dial

Go to a Braves game and a Falcons game

Go to New York City

Plan a mountain/cabin weekend with my friends

Hike in Boone

Have a progressive dinner

See a famous landmark I’ve never seen before

Visit five towns in Georgia (5/5: St. Simon’s, Macon, Athens, Swainsboro, Greensboro)

Get myself back to the ocean. And swim in it.

Go to Appalachian homecoming

Go to a concert

writers write: 

Pitch 10 freelance articles (0/10)

Blog every day for a month (23/31)

Start a new blog on a specific topic

Write a book

Hit 50,000 views on my blog


Cook 20 crockpot meals (1/20: spicy BBQ chicken)

Complete 10 Pinterest projects (1/10: button M)

Invest in a good coffeemaker

Invest in a new comforter  and new sheets

Make an ‘M’ collage behind my bed

Grow and eat my own tomatoes

Get a dog

Make chocolate-covered strawberries

Cook dinner for someone in my apartment

Buy a coffee table book

Print and display my Instagram pictures

Hang up outlines of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia in my home (office, close enough!)

Cook through an entire cookbook

Line my dining room with bookshelves

Scent my apartment with something cinnamon-y on the stove, a la Pinterest

Make a homemade pizza

Make a cobbler

Buy something at IKEA


Pay off credit card debt in full

Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished (0/101)

Reach $5,000 in savings

Eat dinner at home every night for a month

Pay off a significant chunk of my student loans (aka one step closer to starting my master’s)

Make a monthly budget

Start a new savings account


Send three small online gift cards to three friends/family members (3/3)

Send flowers to my mom on her birthday

Take Tanner somewhere as a surprise

Have at least four friends/family members (not counting immediate family) visit me in Atlanta (4/4)


Take a walk every day for a month (0/31)

Lose 100 pounds (0/100)

Eat breakfast every day for a week (0/7)

Drink eight glasses of water every day for a week (0/7)

Go four months without drinking soda (0/4)

Give up fast food for a month (0/31)

Actually go to the gym

Bring lunch to work every day for a month (0/31)

Go to a Farmers Market


Read 20 print magazines cover-to-cover (2/20: August Atlanta Magazine, August Vanity Fair)

Subscribe to the Sunday print New York Times

Read all the books I own but haven’t read

Read 10 classic books I’ve never read (0/10)

Re-read the Harry Potter series

Ask for book recommendations on social media and read everything people suggest (recommendations: Infinite Jest, Sun Stand Still, Fairyland: A Memoir of My Father, I Capture the Castle, A Child Called It, The Night Circus, Wasted, The Center of Winter, Just Kids, The Wednesday Letters, One Thousand White Women, The Comet and the Tornado, Spillover)

Choose an author I’ve never read and read all their books

Read 5 nonfiction books (5/5: Detroit: An American Autopsy, Lean In, If I Had Lunch with C.S. Lewis, One Thousand Gifts, Bread and Wine)


Read the entire Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus)

Try 10 Atlanta-area churches (and join one) (1/10: North Point Community Church)

Finish 1,000 gifts list

Have morning quiet time every morning for a month (0/31)


Join a professional organization + get involved with the local chapter

Buy (and use!) a real camera

Buy a nice perfume

Catch up on all the TV shows I’ve dropped (PLL, Revenge, Modern Family, what else?)

Buy something from Etsy

Give up Twitter for a week (minus work)

Sell something on Craigslist

Buy or receive a Michael Kors watch

Do a 365-day photo challenge

Eat dinner by candlelight

Wear hot-pink lipstick

Write a letter to myself to open when I’m 40, and find some way to surprise myself with it

Rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies in one weekend

Order something at the bar that is NOT a vodka cranberry, vodka lemonade, gin & tonic, or whiskey sour

Take an IQ test

Make a list of 100 facts about me

Reach 5,000 Twitter followers

Increase DOE Twitter followers to 15,000 and Facebook fans to 10,000

Try again to donate blood

Actually learn how to check my oil. And do it.

Take (and finish) a French class online

Hide a note in a library book

Invest in good-quality makeup brushes

Finish a full crossword puzzle

Update my LinkedIn

Make a new list :)