Last year, members of Club Council had a bright idea. They imagined clubs and organizations coming together, competing for points and mingling at social events. The event would be much like homecoming, except that it would take place in the spring. Club Council decided on the name “Yofest” for the event.

It was a last minute idea. Although Yofest did take place in 2010, Club Council wasn’t able to plan a week exactly like the one they’d originally conceived.“It wasn’t as strong as it could be,” Club Council president Brittany R. Burdine said.
This year, with the idea already in mind, Club Council members got started on the plans for Yofest right away. By the time winter break rolled around, the event was almost entirely planned.

Contributing to such successful planning was the decision to get other university funded organizations involved. The Student Conduct Board, the Appalachian Ambassadors, the Residence Hall Association, the Black Student Association, the Panhellenic Council and Appalachian and the Community Together all assisted in planning Yofest.

This year, the week will kick off with Polar Plunge Feb. 17. Yofest will also include Dance Marathon Feb. 19, dodgeball Feb. 20, trivia night Feb. 21, karaoke night Feb. 23, a pool party Feb. 24. The pool party is a new addition and will feature a big-screen movie. It’s primarily a chance to relax and unwind after a competitive week, Burdine said.

“The rest of the week is intense…this is just a relaxing time for clubs to hang out, meet other people and hang out with people within their clubs,” she said.

The week will conclude Feb. 26 with a basketball game and recognition of winners. The club or organization with the most points will receive a $200 gift card to spend as they choose.

The goal is to make Yofest an event on par with homecoming in the next three to four years.
“My mission [is] to make it like homecoming in the fall, for the spring,” Burdine said.
Club Council also hopes Yofest will bring the various clubs on campus together.
James C. Terrell, sophomore risk management/insurance and finance/banking major, who works with Club Council, said his ideal Yofest would result in a campus that is more connected.