I was walking through campus this morning and forgot to be sick of Appalachian State.

Not long ago, I thought I’d never be sick of life here. But five years is a long time. There are people in my classes who were just starting high school when I moved into my freshman dorm. It doesn’t feel like mine anymore; it feels old — and I am a restless person who likes new things.

But it looked new at 7 in the morning, because I haven’t seen in that early since…well, probably freshman year. The colors were different and the lights were softer than they were at night when I walked out after making another newspaper.

And I had to have a talk with myself, you know, the way you do when you realize you’ve been acting stupid.

Don’t forget how much you loved it here. Don’t forget how good it was for your heart.

I thought, at one time, that the good things you found would last forever. But it turns out you get pushed away eventually, because you have to find the next good thing.