1. smhqueen
    in december drinking horchata
    i’d look psychotic in a balaclava
  2. _buttache
    “In December, drinking horchata.”<3
  3. hithuyvi
  4. _Meowriana
    I just got some from work & realized it is December! Omg we’re so H!p$t3r~ lol Rt “@JustinaRmz: In December drinking horchata..”
  5. Arianadorsh
    In freaking December drinking freaking horchata.
  6. teagancarrie
    In December drinking..a horchata milkshake.
  7. @Abby_Bennett16 in December drinking horchata&#55356;&#57270;&#55357;&#56847; http://pic.twitter.com/sZyiUA1o
  8. In December, drinking horchata #vampireweekend #itfinallyhappened http://pic.twitter.com/IKWTxgdz
  9. In December drinking horchata. Oh Vampire Weekend, you’re too cool http://instagr.am/p/StVMjanrcg/
  10. izzegibson
    every December 1st, I get a weird craving for horchata. can anyone explain this? @matsoR
  11. Deja_vuu_
    It’s December let’s all drink Horchata !
  12. luckystrikes23
    I’m drinking horchata in December….. Thinking about buying a balaclava and looking psychotic. #reallife #vampireweekend
  13. AlvarezAlex27
    In December drinking horchata I’d look psychotic bcause I’m drinking frikkin horchata in 60 degree weather #warmhorchata #stopsayinghorchata
  14. athousandqian
    It’s December, who wants to go get horchata.
  15. cuppycake_ritz
    It’s December, I need to drink some Horchata and listen to Vampire Weekend.
  16. HandyMan1732
    horchata- a Mexican stlye, rice based drink. @vampireweekend says we should drink it, now thats it’s December. ive waited to long #newalbum?
  17. itscindyjtee
    In December Drinking Horchata.. – Vampire Weekend <3
    I can’t make it official till I actually find myself drinking Horchata. #IWantHorchata!
  18. mehreeeen94
    In December drinking horchata, I’d look psychotic in a balaclava #december
  19. EmilyTDCC
    in december drinking horchata…. haha.. you get it…
  20. Why yes.
    Yes we do.