If you don’t like where you live, if you don’t feel a little surge of pride when you scrawl a return address, if you’ve never opened a window and had to catch your breath a little…move.

If you’re not surrounded by people who make you feel at home, if can’t remember the last time you laughed until your stomach hurt, if you don’t feel (at least generally) accepted and understood…find new people.

If you don’t like your job, if you wake up in the morning and have to drag yourself to the office, if you’re bored, if you have no desire to work hard…do something else.

If you want to write a book but you haven’t,  if you want to eat well and exercise but you don’t, if you love skiing or running or photography but you never ski or run or take pictures…do it. Make time.

Life is a banquet. Stop settling for crumbs.