The overwhelming case for plurality by Alan Rusbridger:

“It is dangerous in any sector to allow a single player to become dominant. It is doubly dangerous with the media sector because of the combination of factors described above. The press, rightly, argues that it exists to be a check on power. But when society’s watchdog shies away from holding itself to account it thereby creates a very potent form of unaccountable power.”

Laziness is killing online journalism by Mic Wright:

“When people…crow that the internet is kicking the hell out of journalism, it is in part because their traditional platforms are crumbling. 

If any part of journalism is dying, it’s the part that believes it has an inherent right to live.”

Let’s blow up the news story and build new forms of journalism by Bill Adair:

“American journalism is suffering from a lack of imagination. We’re at a transformational moment in how we publish and broadcast our work — a time of great promise when we can reinvent how we tell stories.

And yet, we are still doing things the same way we’ve done them for decades…here we are, almost 20 years later, and the content we’re putting on the Web has hardly changed.

What’s taking so long?”

And these smart thoughts on social from the NPR Code of Ethics:

“One key is to be transparent about what we’re doing. We tell readers what has and hasn’t been confirmed. We challenge those putting information out on social media to provide evidence. We raise doubts and ask questions when we have concerns — sometimes ‘knocking down’ rumors circulating on the Web is of enormous value to our readers. And we always ask an important question: am I about to spread a thinly-sourced rumor or am I passing on valuable and credible (even if unverified) information in a transparent manner with appropriate caveats?”