This I believe about journalism and the future of media, by Steve Buttry

“I believe continued and repeated disruption of journalism and the news business will continue for the rest of my career and beyond. I believe we spend too much time discussing or lamenting whether the journalism that emerges from each disruption is better or worse than what preceded it. Most times it will be a mix. I believe nostalgia for journalism of the past interferes with practicing journalism in the present and with improving it for the future.” 

4 Questions with Matthew Keys, Deputy Social Media Editor at Reuters, by Elana Zak

“If you want to break from the assembly line, develop a voice. When asked for ideas, speak up. If you’re not asked for ideas, offer them anyway. Try not to burn bridges, but don’t be afraid of being aggressive with your ideas. If you work in a newsroom where fresh ideas are looked down upon, suck it up for the paycheck and benefits, but start looking elsewhere. Sometimes, it takes losing an innovator or two before a newsroom shifts their strategy. By that time, it won’t be your problem.” 

Digital Media’s Ever-Swifter Incursion, by David Carr

“As those of us who care a great deal about The Times-Picayune in New Orleans learned last week, disruption makes no allowance for sentiment. After word of the huge layoffs came in, I said to my digitally native colleague Brian Stelter, ‘Well, the future you rooted for is finally here.’ To which he replied, ‘I didn’t root for it, I just realized it was going to happen no matter what.'” 

[Another] This I believe about journalism, newspapers and the future of media, by Tim McGuire

“For me everything starts with appreciating that we are in a Schumpeterian Moment. A lot of things we know and love are going to be destroyed, but a lot of wonderful new things will be created. In a meaningful way, I believe the Schumpeterian moment offers a personality test that will tell young people if journalism and media are for them. If a student looks at our current news ecosystem and sees promise, excitement and energizing challenge then the media world is for them. If they look at that same ecosystem and rue the loss of what we had and see only doom approaching, that person needs to exit the media world quickly.” 

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