1. You have flaws and you’ve probably gotten off track – you’re probably not the person you could be if you really tried. But you still could be. There are so many good things about you, too.

2. Reconciliation happens more often than you’d think, because people need people more than they need pride.

3. You can do one thing today that will make your life better. Just do one thing. Choose to get stronger today, instead of making things worse.

4. No one has ever judged you as harshly as you judge yourself. And most of the time, others’ judgment of you reflects on them more than it could ever reflect on you.

5. You know that one person you think you can’t live without? You’re wrong. You can.

6. Being kinder to the people around you, loving people more and being less selfish…those things will always make it a little better.

7. You get years and years to be alive in this complicated, beautiful world and you have no idea what’s going to happen next. People change, feelings change and situations change. This should make you scared, but it should make you hopeful too. You will feel good again.