There are hard, painful, unfair things in life, and there are wonderful, joyous, pure things, and those two realities do not cancel each other out. The joy does not subsume the pain, but – thank God – the hurt does not erase the glory either.

People are the same way. They are good and they are bad, they can help you and they can hurt you – and you can’t regulate that. Instead, you accept with wide-open arms whatever people give you, choose to give you. You don’t try to take from anyone something they can’t or won’t give. You don’t wound yourself with expectations. You just take what’s handed to you and you’re grateful for it. That is the way to be.

Life is a series of ups and downs and lessons, and you can’t think of it as an easy, A-to-B progression. You can’t make it a constant checksheet of happy or not happy. You just have to feel and try and learn and keep getting up. There’s not really another option.

You get through the hard times, and you hold out for the joys. You take absolutely any happiness you can find and you dwell on it, and you release the pain as quickly as you can.

You love people, you give as much as possible, but at the end of the day you love yourself the most. You save your trust for you and you alone, and regard anything you receive from other people as a happy surprise.

You find a way. You always do. You find a way to make it enough.