1. The people we love most dearly are still people. They’re bound to have flaws, and ideals which clash with ours. And that’s okay.

2. Real love doesn’t stop when you hurt the person you love. It doesn’t stop when they find happiness with someone else. It doesn’t even stop when they die. If it’s real, it lasts – always.

3. The best friendships don’t happen because of social status – they’re formed because you love being around someone and you’re better with them than without.

4. There’s quite literally nothing stronger than a mother’s love…

5. …and that should never, ever be taken for granted.

6. The written word is powerful and books can literally change the course of history.

7. Wise people take joy in simple things. Pretentiousness is overrated.


8. The best, deepest relationships become that way because they’re also complicated and unexpected.

9. Life (and stories) can be good without being unrealistic. Evil and darkness and death and pain exist. So does hope. So does joy. So do good people and happy endings.

10. Magic exists. Of course, all of it is happening in my head – but why on earth should that mean it isn’t real? 

Harry Potter fans aren’t delusional. We know this world was created and imagined, but we were lucky enough to experience it.

The wizarding world – and the lessons we learned there – will always be real for us.