Hello, world!

That’s just the automatic heading WordPress gives to your first blog, but I’m leaving it in. I just like the sound of it: it’s breezy and casual and confident, like addressing the whole world happens every day.

Maybe it does, here in blogland.

While I promise this blog won’t focus entirely on me (I doubt I’d hold your attention), I will share this personal tidbit: I am a notorious list-maker.

I make lists of ideas and lists of quotes, lists of things to do and lists of things to buy. Once, I made a list of songs to sing in the shower.

This week was my spring break, and I made a list of things I’d like to accomplish. Some of those things fell by the wayside for various reasons. The weather here in the mountains didn’t choose to cooperate with item #2, which read “Spend AT LEAST three hours outside every day!”

One of those goals, though, was to make a personal website. I’ll start looking for post-grad opportunities in a little over a year, so I wanted to showcase some of my work and accomplishments.

More than that, though, I wanted to learn. There’s so much to know about blogging and social media, and I want to know it all. Although I’d love to blog on a more focused topic someday soon, I’ll be starting here with something simpler: updates on my daily life and my education and the lessons I’m learning as I go along.

I’m excited to enter the blogging world, and I hope to meet some great people along the way. I’d love to hear your feedback and social media expertise in the comments, and I’d also love to connect on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by!